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Welcome to UK College of Scent Detection

The United Kingdom College of Scent Detection (UKCSD) canine training institution is committed to the successful instruction and accreditation of dogs and handlers in many aspects of canine scent-work.

Why should scent detection training be the preserve of the specialist? With the UKCSD it is open to all!  With our fun and super-exciting pet-dog scent courses you and your dog (even your business) can benefit from our techniques and methods directly informed by the science of canine behaviour and training. Combine this with evidence from our extensive specialist experience, you have a winning combination. 

With over fifty years’ collective experience in the operational police dog environment within the London Metropolitan Police as well as the highest academic credentials, UKCSD is committed to ethical training practices that are always positive, creating the best possible learning environment for you and your dog

We combine our academic expertise and operational experience to focus on methods that really work. By eliminating those that are out dated and based in nothing more than tradition, we focus on techniques that have actual basis in scientific theory and have been tried, tested and found to be effective.

All dogs trained by the UKCSD will be treated humanely and ethically. We only use positive and force free methodologies and any equipment used will be subject to strict safety checks, any canine training aids that do not meet these exacting standards are banned from use at the college (Electric collars, pinch collars, check chains and slip leads are prohibited). The welfare of the animals in our care is a top priority at all times.

Here at the UKCSD, we believe our services are an investment that will pay for itself over time. By introducing you to new methodologies and techniques, we empower trainers to create the best training environment in their own facilities as well as become more confident in their own abilities and skills.

   Do we know scent-training?

 "We wrote the book!"



What our clients say

" "Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students" Solomon Ortiz. Said so much better than I ever could. Quite simply the course the UK College of Scent Dogs, was quite fantastic. "
Donna C.
Posted: 2019/11/05

" Rob and Karen are a fantastic team sharing knowledge they have gained from a lifetime of operational experience! I loved the tracking course I loved the scent instructor course, and more importantly so did my dog I cannot wait to do more. "
Heulwen jenkins
Posted: 2020/02/10

" I learned more in 6 days from Rob and Karen than I have in my 20+ years as an operational dog handler. Their wealth of knowledge both theory and practical is incredible. Great learning environment, very relaxed, fun and encouraging all students to participate and impart their own experiences and knowledge. I had a tired, contented dog at the end of each day. Searching venue was AM-A-ZING!!!! Will be booking my next course today "
Posted: 2020/02/10

"Had an amazing 6 day course. Cannot recommend this course enough. The whole experience was mind blowing. Rob has a wealth of knowledge in the subject and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to learn from him. Everyone on the course was fantastic and the environment was very welcoming. If you want to learn from the best then get booked onto one of the courses, you will not find better."
Becky Mitchell
Posted: 2019/09/12

" It’s hard to come back down to earth after such an amazing, fabulous, unforgettable (I could go on!) 6 days on the UK College of Scent Dogs Instructors Course.It was wonderful to make new friends, four legged and two, and I feel so fortunate to have been surrounded by so much knowledge, experience and above all, support. What a team!A huge thank you to Rob. I doubt there is anyone in the industry more qualified to teach this subject. I can’t wait to book his other courses. "
Posted: 2019/09/12

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