Welcome to UK College of Scent Dogs.

Where we aim to…

Bring, the excitement and adventure of operationally based canine scent-detection training into the pet-dog community. We will achieve this by creating a network instructors, our ‘UKCSD Ambassadors’ who will share this knowledge countrywide.


Provide, an excellent learning environment where every dog and guardian engaged in our scent detection training programme will be trained to their highest potential. The UKCSD will instruct the dog training that your dog would love you to do!


Stand, steadfast in our ethical commitment, where we as signatory members of the UK Canine Training and Behaviour Charter ensure that, all dogs and ‘their humans’ trained by the UKCSD, and our Ambassadors, will be treated humanely and respectfully, as in accordance with this strict ethical code.

Here, at the UKCSD, we believe our services are an investment that will pay for itself over time. By introducing new exciting training methods and  techniques, we will empower the instructor to create and deliver the highest quality scent detection training to their classes and students.

Together, we can ignite your dogs ‘seeking system’, giving them the cognitive enhancement and emotional well-being, they so rightly deserve.

Do we know scent training?...  Well, we wrote the book, Scent Training for Every Dog!... Winner of the award for 'Best training or sports book' 2020, by the Dog Writers Association of America, written by our head of school, Dr Rob Hewings...(take a look in our shop)



What our clients say

" Had an amazing 6 days at the instructor course. Searching the airplanes was such a cool experience!! But the structure of the course was superb and we gained lots of knowledge and skills. Rob and Karen were very open minded about breeds and their skills and allowed me to take part with my Chihuahua! "
Hetty Hays-van Hessel
Posted: 2020/02/10

" Rob and Karen are a fantastic team sharing knowledge they have gained from a lifetime of operational experience! I loved the tracking course I loved the scent instructor course, and more importantly so did my dog I cannot wait to do more. "
Heulwen jenkins
Posted: 2020/02/10

" I learned more in 6 days from Rob and Karen than I have in my 20+ years as an operational dog handler. Their wealth of knowledge both theory and practical is incredible. Great learning environment, very relaxed, fun and encouraging all students to participate and impart their own experiences and knowledge. I had a tired, contented dog at the end of each day. Searching venue was AM-A-ZING!!!! Will be booking my next course today "
Posted: 2020/02/10

"Had an amazing 6 day course. Cannot recommend this course enough. The whole experience was mind blowing. Rob has a wealth of knowledge in the subject and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to learn from him. Everyone on the course was fantastic and the environment was very welcoming. If you want to learn from the best then get booked onto one of the courses, you will not find better."
Becky Mitchell
Posted: 2019/09/12

" It’s hard to come back down to earth after such an amazing, fabulous, unforgettable (I could go on!) 6 days on the UK College of Scent Dogs Instructors Course.It was wonderful to make new friends, four legged and two, and I feel so fortunate to have been surrounded by so much knowledge, experience and above all, support. What a team!A huge thank you to Rob. I doubt there is anyone in the industry more qualified to teach this subject. I can’t wait to book his other courses. "
Posted: 2019/09/12

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