Education & Accreditation
for Scent Dog Trainers

The UK College of Scent Dogs Ltd is an established education provider specialising in search and detection dog training for Instructors, Operational Handlers and detection service providers.

The UKCSD offers training in the UK and Worldwide.

Our Instructors have provided canine search education throughout Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

The UKCSD is affiliated with an Education Centre registered with OCN London. The UKCSD provides all levels of education and certification for dog trainers, handlers and search service providers.

  • Search Dog courses and seminars
  • Pet dog Instructor training and certification
  • Operational handler training and certification
  • Consultancy service providers for search companies
  • Handler accreditation
  • Instructor accreditation
  • Assistance dog education
  • Foundation, continuation and trouble shooting training

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Pet Dog Instructors

Assistance/ Support Dog courses & workshops

UKCSD Courses are held throughout the UK


All Dog Training Instructors

Detection Dog Handler
Detection Dog Instructor
Assistance Dog Educator

Operational Teams

Detection Dog Handler (Explo)
Detection Dog Instructor (all scents)
Body Search Handler
Body Search Instructor


Operational experience in Europe, USA and the Middle East

Client Training
Staff Training
Accreditation & Certification
Trouble Shooting
Project Management


The UK College of Scent Detection offers training and education for Instructors, Operational Handlers and Detection Service Providers.