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Ambassadors scheme

Why not join the team, become a member and hold your own scent competitions, judge for other ambassadors, and receive UKCSD discount codes? Join in future webinars and receive website recognition and discounts! You will be able to train your students at your own pace, incorporating the knowledge, skills and attitude that you have gained along this challenging yet enjoyable scent detection training opportunity.

Whether you’ve already completed some of our courses and wish to take things further or you’re just starting off your career as a scent dog trainer, you can still become a UKCSD Ambassador

The journey to becoming one of our ambassadors can be completed in manageable steps, at your own pace and once achieved you can run your own scent courses, run your own UKCSD fun and exciting ‘scent-dog’ grading systems so your clients can achieve the UKCSD award systems, for guardians and their dogs.

Firstly, we require you to have completed our detection handler course (giving you the required practical knowledge) also the Instructor Course, giving you the necessary instructional skills and techniques. If you tick both those boxes, you can now teach UKCSD scent work.

Our elite ambassador programme will give you opportunities to organise, run and develop our award system, which we genuinely believe that this will offer exciting and unique opportunities for your own clients.

The ambassador programme now requires you to engage with your dog to train for our three awards, all of which have an ‘operational slant’ ending with the Platinum award that will be held over two days giving you a full operational scenario and based upon operational deployment, could your dog achieve the prestigious Platinum award?

There is also an enhanced award system for those who have completed the Tracking Course
Bronze ‘Plus’
Silver ‘Plus’
Gold ‘Plus’
Platinum ‘Plus’

Where the dog and its guardian will not only engage in scenario-based search exercises but these will be enhanced with operationally based tracking exercises linking your searches together, proving your students with fun and challenging assessments based upon exciting scenarios that will be explained by the college during your ‘Ambassador Course’

The Ambassador Course

This is the most challenging and rewarding course that we currently offer, and in return empowers you with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to:

1. Train scent detection and/or tracking within your own pet dog training classes
2. Run, organise and judge UKCSD scent detection award Gold Silver and Bronze schemes
3. Coach your students ready for the Platinum Award judged by the UKCSD
4. Become part of the ambassador scheme, receiving discounts and other opportunities
5. Students pass certificates and UKCSD
6. Future development training improving your training opportunities, and enhancing your business

The UKCSD Ambassador course will provide you with the following knowledge, attitude and skill to enhance your own dog training business, and continue to benefit from the ‘UKCSD Journey’. The course will provide the following
  • Preparation of the learning environment
  • Developing the student
  • Humanistic training techniques for the dog training world
  • Running a UKCSD scent-work trial
  • Coaching and Assessment techniques
  • Design and development of training scenarios
  • Trouble shooting
  • Course and lesson planning
  • Training and developing the dog and handler
  • Common faults within the search world
  • Mixed method training methodology, combining different skills enhancing your knowledge base.