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City and Guilds


City & Guilds Assured Credentials and Certificates, Canine Search and Scent dog Instructor


City & Guilds has a world-wide reputation, and is probably the most well recognised and respected practical qualification in the UK. Do not underestimate the prestige and reputation the City & Guilds Assured Certificate, logo and digital credentials will bring to your business. 

Our scent dog courses come with a City & Guilds Assured certificate giving you the opportunity to use the City & Guilds Assured Logo, when advertising your pet dog scent-work, or accompanying your future CV.

The digital credentials can be added to emails, LinkedIn, Facebook Page, your digital CV, and of course your website. These will support you and your business demonstrating learning excellence, and the quality your classes or search dog handling will provide!

Our scent training programmes are unique and the only ones that will give you the opportunity to build a comprehensive portfolio as well as achieving a City & Guilds Assured certificate and logo to use for your marketing and website.

The UKCSD are subject to an annual audit and quality assurance inspection by the City & Guilds appraisal team. This yearly audit is of our training centre facilities, the staff (particularly their professional development), their management and outcomes of our scent detection programmes, and our assessment schedule. This means you can be assured that all our scent-work programmes continue to meet the highest quality standards.



How do I achieve these Assured Credentials?

We highly recommend that you undertake the Detection Programme first as the knowledge and skills you will acquire will roll onto naturally to the scent Instructor’s Programme. However, this is not essential, as it is possible to 'bank' the Scent Instructor programme until the Detection Programme is complete, although this is not recommended.  The Scent Detection programme begins with the initial 6-day course (Course Bookings page), it is then followed up by three 2-day search courses; Vehicle Search, Building Search and Area/Route Search (Course bookings). The successful candidate achieves the C&G Assured Scent Detection Canine Search Credentials. 

Once the Canine Scent Detection Programme is achieved the candidate can then complete the Assured C&G Scent Dog Instructor Programme, a further 6-day course (See course bookings). Achieving the Assured Credentials in both Canine Search and Scent Dog Instructor.