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  • Scent Detection 'Handler/Guardian'

The UKCSD detection dog handler course, will provide the necessary knowledge skills and attitude to become an Open College Network accredited, scent-work detection dog handler.

This course will enhance your dog training experience, enabling you to develop your canine search handling skills and knowledge. It will develop your professional practice, in the fun and exciting search dog area. The course will offer many unique search opportunities, coupled with providing you and your dog a valuable, enriching and entertaining experience. We will also enhance your theoretical knowledge. providing an understanding of how a dogs olfactory system works.

A fun and exciting practical search experience for both dog and handler! Your dog will love you for it!

Course Address The Old Control Tower. Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground. Lutterworth. Leicestershire. LE17 5QS
Details of Times 10:00 - 16:00 Each Day Please arrive 09:30 on day one for registration.
Attendance Contact details, info@ukcsd.com Tea and coffee provided, please bring a packed lunch

Scent Detection 'Handler/Guardian'

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