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  • Advanced Specialist Tracking (Animal Detection)

The advanced animal tracking course will enhance and improve your developed canine tracking skills. It will further record keeping and introduce other aspects in preparation for operational deployment, addressing the essential criteria for the UKCSD licence and assessment. It will incorporate cross-tracks, multi-point start, location of possible hides, crossing barriers and other essential factors needed for deployment.

Once this course is completed the team may complete the final step of their journey the 'Animal Tracking Licence' once this is achieved and insurance cover in place, the handler may require their details to be placed upon the UKCSD register of  'Canine Tracking Dogs'  

Once the advanced course is completed, the next step is the licence and the insurance, your journey is almost finished.

Course Address To be Confirmed
Details of Times 10:00 - 16:00 Each Day. Please arrive 09:30 on day one for registration.
Attendance Contact details, info@ukcsd.com Tea and coffee provided, please bring a packed lunch.

Advanced Specialist Tracking (Animal Detection)

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