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  • Scent Detection 'On line' Course

When travel is a problem, the UKCSD will provide an online scent detection course. This is very similar to the UKCSD accredited detection dog handler course, we will provide the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to become an Open College Network accredited, scent-work detection dog handler. One fee, dates shown are ALL webinars.

Providing live online lessons, where we will accompany you along the scent-detection journey as if we were there with you. The UKCSD will run webinars that you can sign on and join in, addressing the ‘personal touch’ that just films and paper instructions cannot. It will function with a video download programme that will require you to send us your training records, so we can watch and help you achieve the OCN scent-detection handler accreditation  

Achieve an OCN detection qualification via personal webinars and video downloads, ideal for the nervous dog or the person that cannot travel due to other commitments.

Course Address A series of monthly webinars that will be recorded and downloadable if you require.
Details of Times Each Webinar will last approximately 60 mins. The timings will be 1900 GMT. Details of learning and requirements will be given via email and discussion on day (Webinar) one.
Attendance The completed course will require, a series of filmed scent tasks, and a written project to achieve the Open College Network qualification.

Scent Detection 'On line' Course

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