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  • Area and Route Search

An introduction to 'Area and Route' Searching. A fabulous opportunity to learn the foundations of an operational search technique that will enhance your knowledge and empower your dog with extra skills, building the teamwork and excitement that your dog will love. This two day course will introduce search outside, in the grounds and around buildings of the beautiful Kelmarsh Hall. For these two days your dog will need to indicate upon your chosen scent, as we progress your search skill. Learn from our head trainer, who after 20 years explosive search dog handling experience will share her knowledge to support you and your dog.

An intensive two days searching outside areas and routes, learn an operational system of search that will test both you and your dog.

Course Address The Learning Centre, Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens, Main Road Kelmarsh, Northampton. NN6 9LY
Attendance 10:00 - 16:00 Each Day. Please arrive 09:30 on day one for registration.

Area and Route Search

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