6 Day Accredited Scent Instructor Course

6 Day Accredited Scent Instructor Course Venue: Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Lutterworth, Leics, LE17 5QS Date Options:- 2nd to 7th July 2019  JULY 2019 FULLY BOOKED 22nd to 27th O [Read more ...]


6 Day Accredited Scent Instructor Course

Venue: Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Lutterworth, Leics, LE17 5QS

Date Options:-
2nd to 7th July 2019  JULY 2019 FULLY BOOKED
22nd to 27th Oct 2019

Who is it for:
Dog Instructors that teach in a pet dog environment including, classes, specialist workshops, one to one training and behavioural modification programmes.
Entry level required:
Attendees should have knowledge of operant and classical conditioning.
Attendees bring a dog to all 6 days of the course.
(Experience level of dog is not important)
Course Instructor: Rob Hewings BSc, MA. PGDip
  • 25 years Metropolitan Police Dog Section (1991-2016)
  • 9 years Instructor Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment(2007-2016)
  • Operational General Purpose Dog Handler
  • Part of the elite Firearms Support Dog Unit
  • Canine Public Order Officer
  • Action Dog of the year (UK Canine Bravery award) winner
  • Manager & Coach Metropolitan Police National Trials Team
  • Specialist Search Dog Instructor
  • Explosive Search Dog Instructor
  • Victim Remains Recovery Introduction Course
  • Diabetic Alert Dog Programme Louisiana USA
  • Board Member ‘Southern Diabetic Retrievers’ Louisiana USA
  • Evidence and legislation instructor
Course Content:
  • Understanding and Implementing Olfaction References
  • Double Blind Discrimination
  • Target Odour Selection and Handling
  • Training Aids
  • Breakdown for Fluent training Programmes
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Scentwork for Rehabilitation
  • Scent Detection for Assistance Dogs
  • Tacit Behaviours Within Detection
  • Daily Practical Exercises
  • Systematic Search Techniques
  • ‘Operational’ Deployment Search Methods
  • Detection Within the Evidence Chain
  • Scent Discrimination and Contamination
Course Description:
This 6 day course is limited to 10 attendees only to ensure maximum attention and practical opportunities
Each day is split 50/50 theory/practical and is presented at a high level for dog training Instructors.
Once booked, attendees will be contacted 2 weeks prior to the course to discuss target odours for the dogs to be trained on throughout the six days.
The final day of the course includes prep and assessment to confirm knowledge gained and practical handling skills are of a standard to receive accreditation.
Successful attendees will receive certification signed off by The UK College Of Scent Dogs entitles ‘UKCSD Scent Instructor’
Certificates accredited by The UKCSD Ltd

10am to 4pm each day

The UKCSD will provide:

The UK College of Scent Dogs will provide an open and honest learning opportunity, providing you (or your organisation) with,
  • Information about arrangements before commencement of the course
  • Any distance learning materials that may require study, in good time prior to your course.
  • A clear statement of the aims and objectives of your course.
  • Appropriate assistance to help you achieve these aims and objectives.
  • Where relevant, assessment of your work which is fair and objective
  • Constructive feedback on your development throughout the course.
  • Instructors who are regularly assessed and developed,
  • Regular course evaluation.
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Reviews ...

We were late, car trouble, very late. But we were made feel immediately welcome, thank you. During the break, the instructor gave us private 'catch-up' and best of all stayed late after class finished (twice) to give us our own personal catch-up lesson (two evenings and hours of their time). All the theory we missed was taught, we really thank you for this, your enthusiasm was infectious. We quickly caught up and our two dogs loved every exercise. The planning and development on the last day was so useful, coming away from a course that has shown us how to run a full six week sent workshop...... WOW! my clients will love it.
A.B and D.B
I have lots of ideas and creative strategies to take away and put into practice with my classes. This will improve my training courses. Great team building, lovely people developed by a great instructor, really felt lots of support.
Loved it that's why I keep coming back to learn more. The interest, skill, teaching and the venue keeps it different and unique from everyone else. One of the best scent work courses you will ever attend.
I really enjoyed the course, I felt I learnt a lot and feel my dog progressed really well throughout the week. I feel very confident that I have learnt methods that I can use with the dogs in the rescue I work with and set up training with the staff at the centre.
Friendly welcoming and supportive the stories WERE relevant. Very structured and enthusiastic and ignited the 'desire-to-learn' can't wait to teach my dog and the rescue dogs I work with the benefits of scent-work.
Thank you for a fantastic course! Myself and my dog have benefitted greatly from the practical and the theory aspects. I feel confident that I can now run full and informative courses in scentwork with my clients. I can't wait to come back and learn more.
Rob is unflappable, experienced, knowledgeable, articulate, funny and thought provoking. A brilliant teacher. His long, high ranking and specialised military and police service background is relevant for a couple of reasons. Firstly you know he is totally credible and able - there's not much Rob hasn't done in serious high level Detection work - but his greater credibility and relevance derive from the fact that, despite coming from an environment easily associated with aversive dog training practice, his training methods and practice are grounded, without exception, in a force free ethos. He is clear about that up front and it was woven through his teaching over the week. Training with your dog must be respectful and democratic. This was and continues to be a brilliant learning experience for Watson and I. It enhanced an already solid, collaborative and fun relationship and supported my tireless curiosity over how we and our dogs learn and why we and our dogs behave as we do. There's a lot to absorb and practice over the week but Rob's experience in managing multiple learners and his ability to individuate the skill of each dog and handler so that challenges are appropriate, is probably second to none. Rob also provides advice on how to structure training and then how to teach others.
Helen Hutchenson
I can't share my details, as I am a working Police Search Dog trainer, in such a short time this 6 day course taught me more knowledge than I had acquired on my trainers course. There was so much that I didn't know, my thanks to the UKCSD as now I know why and how, all was explained. The theory lessons were invaluable and to see different breeds of pet dogs search a Jumbo Jet was fascinating. I will take this knowledge back with me and I know the handlers in my lessons will benefit. The UK College must share its knowledge with other professional bodies. "If ever you want a helper......I can make as much tea as Rob can drink"
Absolutely cant thank you enough. Your depth of knowledge is unbelievable. I could not be more inspired to carry on this journey. My dog is going to have a couple of days break but it most certainly given me something to go away and develop . I have left this course as proud as punch in my dog and the UKCSD definitely created the desire to learn. My club will love their new scent-work training program..... Thank you!
I loved this course! I learnt a huge amount, with classroom and practical hands on training. The training was excellent and done in a professional, but also fun way. My dog also had a wonderful time, and we came home as a little scent work team! I can't wait to teach my clients the skills I have learnt. Thank you so much Rob.
Carol Washer
Very good course, well run and managed. Information imparted was thorough and interesting, keeping us engaged at all times. The handling was great, lots of time spent with dogs which increased as the week progressed. Delivery was fun and informal, making for a very enjoyable week. Excellent, will do more.
Vicky Lawes
Thank you once again for the Instructors course, one of the best dog training courses I have attended so far. It had a great relaxed team atmosphere but equally i was impressed with the professional feel of the course from the presentations to the notes we were supplied with and of course the all important certificate!
Emma Bartlett
This was an awesome course! Rob's enthusiasm is infectious and we had Emma also instructing and she was equally passionate about teaching scent. Learned loads and had a fantastic time.
I have just completed the scent instructors course with Rob as the instructor.i have to say it was probably the best course I've completed to date. For someone who is interested in a dog for a purpose and giving it a job this ticked all the boxes. Rob's knowledge is endless. He clearly knows his subject matter and he recited a lot of his personal experience he shared the ups the downs.he shared his knowledge and gave us all that information he has stored over the years. i loved his style of teaching and inspired me greatly. i can honestly say I will advise anyone to do this course if they are interested in scent detection. Rob cover problem solving as part of it and gave us the opportunity instruct and guide. Having witnessed his teaching style, I will be as sneaky as i can be and steal a lot of his ideas. Robb thank you dearly for a great 6 days.
Michael Emans
Absolutely fantastic course and in such a unique location. I've learnt so much in the 6 day Scent work instructor course and Rob is a fantastic lecturer. Not only was he really informative but also had the time to help problem solve with me and answer questions. He has created the desire for me to learn more and will definitely be booking in more of his courses.It was great watching all the dogs work in search a variety of areas, buses, lorries, trucks and even a plane!!
Denise walton
An excellent course with the appropriate balance of theory and practical application at this level. Rob is an expert in his field and is extremely generous with his time and knowledge sharing. A supportive, relaxed learning environment
Gwen Matear
An amazing course with excellent theory and practical lessons working at attendees and dogs individual pace. Great knowledge and real progress for all. Thank you UKCSD!
Barbara Higgins
Excellent sessions and the detail available from Robert Hewings on the multifaceted elements of scent and indication and so many levels.
Jason Evans
The Scent Instructor Course was tremendous, a really good balance of theory and practical application with our own dogs.The generosity with which Rob shared his knowledge and experience made this a week full of interest and learning, challenging and enjoyable for handlers and dogs alike.Rob’s approachability and enthusiasm is inspiring and infectious, he is a great trainer.This course is full of innovative ideas for everyone who already includes Scentwork in their training and behavioural work, and perfect for those who would like to learn how Scentwork can enhance all aspects of your dog training.
Heather Witty
The scentwork instructors course is absolutely brilliant. A great mix of theory and practical. Rob is really knowledgeable and I will definitely be looking to book more courses with UKCSD
Carly Lucas

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