What our clients say
"This study course was for me personally a way of complementing the Detection Dog Handler I did back in April. The course was even better than I though it would be and with the addition of the"free work" concept, it just got into another level. I recommend to anyone who wants to gather further knowledge about scent potential and lessons"

Ren Melo
Posted : 2019/09/12
" Have you ever had those moments where you've evolved as a person? Either personally or professionally? For me, one of those moments was on the Scent-work Instructors course. This course was the best, but also the most challenging I have ever been on. It pushed my handling and my training skills to the limit. It was intense, but in a good way. The kind that you go home buzzing still thinking about it. "

Jack F.
Posted : 2019/09/12
"What can I say! Just home after an exceptional six day Instructors course at The UK College Of Scent Dogs Ltd led by Robert Hewings.The perfect combination of a comfortable and productive learning environment with great company and thought provoking well presented teaching, made an intensive course simply whiz by and far exceeded my expectations.Every course I attend at UKCSD challenges and broadens my knowledge and gives the opportunities to hone existing skills and practice new ones."

Posted : 2019/09/12
"We were late, car trouble, very late. But we were made feel immediately welcome, thank you. During the break, the instructor gave us private 'catch-up' and best of all stayed late after class finished (twice) to give us our own personal catch-up lesson (two evenings and hours of their time). All the theory we missed was taught, we really thank you for this, your enthusiasm was infectious. We quickly caught up and our two dogs loved every exercise. The planning and development on the last day was so useful, coming away from a course that has shown us how to run a full six week sent workshop...... WOW! my clients will love it."

A.B and D.B
Posted : 2019/09/12
"I have lots of ideas and creative strategies to take away and put into practice with my classes. This will improve my training courses. Great team building, lovely people developed by a great instructor, really felt lots of support."

Posted : 2019/09/12
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