The UKCSD has working links within Europe, USA, Australia, Ireland and the Middle East, we welcome the opportunity to work with people who are passionate about excellent detection dog training. We are able to customise solutions that truly fit your needs, asking you the customer, to define your requirements where we can provide unique training programmes. Where the UKCSD genuinely believe that “Every dog and handler will be trained to an excellent standard which will be sustained throughout the rest of their career”

With this statement in mind the UKCSD provides international training, course design and instruction for all aspects of canine search training, specialising in the following

  • Consultancy- Our staff are willing to attend your canine training establishment and become involved in the course design and lesson planning process for all your instructional needs
  • Workshops- The UKCSD have been invited to many seminars ‘world-wide’ to present many scent-based programmes for both pet-dog training and industrial or operational canine training
  • Client Training- Individual or small groups as we can adjust our style to meet your needs
  • Staff Training- The UKCSD have an exemplary training record for the design and development of operational based search-dog programmes and employs staff with both academic qualifications and considerable operational experience in the search dog environment. We specialise in bespoke course design where we engage in ‘training the trainer’
  • Accreditation and certification- The UKCSD can design and develop appropriate licensing and accreditation meeting the clients’ needs, working towards excellence.
  • Troubleshooting- Our team of instructors and advisors can assist and attend your training establishment addressing any training needs or progressive requirements.
  • Project management- Based upon our extensive experience within the search-dog environment we can as an organisation project manage your requirements, from simple courses over a matter of weeks to the design and development of a full-time training establishment.

For more information on how the UKCSD can support you and your organisation, please contact us here…..

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