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Meet the team

Rob. (Head of School)

Recently retired after 30 years’ exemplary police service with the Metropolitan Police, his dog handling and dog training experience is underpinned with outstanding academic qualifications, achieving a Doctorate of Professional Practice, Search Dog Training. He is the author of the popular book ‘Scent Training for Every Dog’ (Please visit our shop!).

Rob has become a highly qualified, dedicated, results-driven professional, with a specialism in designing, developing and delivering all search-based training programmes for operational and pet dog handlers. He possesses superb evaluation, assessment, presentation and leadership skills and has an ability to encourage learning. Rob will manage and produce canine training programmes which successfully meet clients’ needs, having the vision to incorporate new and imaginative instructional methods that provide innovative solutions to organisational problems. He has a high level of dedication and commitment, with a passion and a love for these incredibly special dogs. Rob, and his team will ensure that all dog handlers are trained to the very highest level, enabling these successful programmes to benefit all types of clients. Rob enjoys managing and developing the successful and productive team here at the UKCSD, where we thrive on being part of a challenging work environment.

Karen (Head Instructor)

The UKCSD’s newest team member, Karen has recently retired from the Metropolitan Police after 30 years exemplary service. She is an accomplished Specialist Search Dog Trainer with nearly 20 years experience working within the operational search environment here in the UK and abroad. Karen has planned and developed both national and international training exercises. She has organised joint working practices between the Police, Military, Prison service, Ministry of Defence and the Private Security sector. 

Having worked within the Counter-Terrorism area of policing, she has hands on experience of dealing with the aftermath of terror attacks, and as a licensed search dog hander has spent many years protecting, the Royal Family, our government and its property, also high level security requirements in and around London. Karen was instrumental in the development of a new training and licensing method at the Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment, and has supplied information in creating the new National Canine Training and Accreditation Standard (NCTAS Manual)

Karen is an advocate of positive dog training and has considerable experience within the pet-dog training community, working in the UK, USA, Ireland and Cyprus. She also plays a lead role in the future development and training of assistance dogs for our 'partner charity' Bravehound.