5 Day - Tracking Instructor Course

Date Options: 18th to 22nd March 2019 6th to 10th Aug 2019 Venue: Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Bruntingthorpe, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 5QS Instructor: Rob Hewings BSc, MA, PGDip [Read more ...]


Date Options:
18th to 22nd March 2019
6th to 10th Aug 2019

Venue: Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Bruntingthorpe, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 5QS

Instructor: Rob Hewings BSc, MA, PGDip

This intensive 5 Day course will develop your skills and knowledge in the following;
  1. Canine Learning Theories, particularly scent-work and tracking
  2. Adult Learning Theories, particularly in classroom and field-work skills, lesson planning, course planning
  3. Coaching Skills in the following, track laying, track planning, line handling and the ‘Tacit Dimension’ of reading canine tracking
  4. How to Coach the skill of training a tracking dog, and acquiring the ‘indication’ as they find articles on the track
  5. Understand and teach Introduction to tracking for puppies and adult dogs
  6. Understand the development of the tracking ‘team’ and apply training concepts to rapidly improve your team
  7. Introduction to ‘Hydro-intensified’ hard surface tracking and the benefits of further development, introducing trailing as a problem-solving concept
  8. Trouble shooting guides
  9. Design and develop practical scenario based tracking days for your training class
  10. Gain valuable experience in training and teaching on the course, where you will lay and coach a successful track, to demonstrate the valuable skills acquired throughout the week 

Tracking is an incredible skill that only dogs can perform.
The demand for ‘club level’ tracking instruction is becoming more and more popular, as owners are quickly learning the advantages their dogs can get from tracking and the benefits that it brings.
The UKCSD will enhance and develop your training skills both for classes and one-to-ones, by training you to instruct your clients in the skill of canine tracking.
You will learn how to coach your clients to train their dogs to follow a scent in a series of environments so that they can exercise them and mentally stimulate them in a controlled and constructive.
Acquire coaching skills that can be used in operational, general dog training or competitive arenas.
The UKCSD will enhance and develop your skills in the progression of multi-surface practical tracking, and training you to become an instructor in this exciting discipline. 

Our venue boasts excellent tracking facilities as well as on-site catering, secure parking and fully equipped classroom

Dogs of all standards welcome, this is a course for 'Instructor' training (as well as the dogs!)

Limited to 8 Attendees

Course Instructor: Rob Hewings BSc, MA. PGDip
  • 25 years Metropolitan Police Dog Section (1991-2016)
  • 9 years Instructor Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment(2007-2016)
  • Operational General Purpose Dog Handler
  • Part of the elite Firearms Support Dog Unit
  • Canine Public Order Officer
  • Action Dog of the year (UK Canine Bravery award) winner
  • Manager & Coach Metropolitan Police National Trials Team
  • Specialist Search Dog Instructor
  • Explosive Search Dog Instructor
  • Victim Remains Recovery Introduction Course
  • Diabetic Alert Dog Programme Louisiana USA
  • Board Member ‘Southern Diabetic Retrievers’ Louisiana USA
  • Evidence and legislation instructor

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Reviews ...

Thanks Rob, more knowledge more skills, more to add to training my clients. Advanced course please!
This was amazing, Rob has so much tracking knowledge he changed his lessons to fit in with my personal tracking aims. Come on Rob write a tracking book as well as your scent book!
Sally M.
The course planning lesson was excellent! It will work with all courses not just dog training, I will use it in work for the training I plan there this was an added bonus to an excellent course.
Thoughts on the tracking course....... Brilliant! Rob's approach was excellent, completely worthwhile. I will now use the 'planning courses lesson' to create a new tracking course for my clients, thank you another string to my training bow, and more to offer my clients.
The course was brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed every aspect, learnt loads, expanded my knowledge and certainly improved my own dogs training, and he loved it!
Thanks again Rob for another great course! Fantastic mix of backgrounds to learn from and with..thoroughly enjoyed it, and my dog definitely thinks life is more fun when the final test track was so practical...... Wonderful course, that tested the dogs, and handlers, demonstrating skills I thought I would never get to see. Thank you!!
The course exceeded my expectations Rob took the time to answer our questions in a format that everyone in the group understood, he encouraged us to share knowledge and coach each other and the dogs. by far the best course for dog training that I have ever attended. EXCELLENT !
Claire H.
Fantastic course can not rate it enough excellent venue and taught by a top instructor Rob who can back up the theory with real working experience.
Billy Day
This is an excellent course. It went above my expectations, a tracking course that really covers all levels, from beginners to advanced. I have tracked before, but to end the course with a track that was over a mile and a half, through woods, across a go-cart track and through the building!!!! Thank-you Rob you showed me that my dog is a star!
Robert is an excellent trainer and draws on his extensive experience and background. He is a really inspiring person and made me feel motivated not just to teach but to continue on the tracking journey. Thank you very much and hopefully see you soon!
Susanne Broughton
Just got back from the 5 day Tracking Instructor course. Fantastic course at an ideal venue. Cant wait to go on more courses with Rob at the UKCSD!Thanks Rob.
Matt Hart
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