Detection Dog Handler Accreditation

Date Options:- 9th to 14th April 2019 23rd to 28th July 2019 Venue: Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Bruntingthorpe, Lutterworth, Leics, LE17 5QS The Detection Dog Handler Qualification Six d [Read more ...]


Date Options:-
9th to 14th April 2019
23rd to 28th July 2019

Venue: Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Bruntingthorpe, Lutterworth, Leics, LE17 5QS

The Detection Dog Handler Qualification

Six day course including a final day Detection Dog Handler Assessment

Succesful attendees on this course will receive the recognised Open College Network Accredited Certification "Detection Dog Handler' 

The UK College Of Scent Dogs is affiliated to a Registered Learning Centre for The Open College Network

Who is this course and accreditation for:-

Those wishing to gain the recognised 'Detection Dog Handler' OCN accreditation
Those working or interested in working within the Search Dog sector
Those interested in Operational Detection Dog work
Those wishing to improve their own dog's search potential

Course Content:-
  • The study of canine scent recognition, where the student will focus upon the structure and function of the dogs’ olfactory system
  • The canine ‘umwelt’ of scent, how the dogs’ world is based upon living in an olfactory environment, and how we can enhance this through scent-work
  • The emotional learning behind scent, using this to address behavioural issues, building canine confidence, and improving motivation behind day-to-day tasks.
  • How scent plays a major role in the predatory motor pattern using scent-work to complete these ‘hard-wired’ instincts to improve cognitive ability and performance.
  • Design and develop your own canine scent-work studio. Learn how to construct and develop the necessary equipment for your journey as a scent dog handler
  • Canine learning theories. Understand and develop different canine learning methods and apply these to scent work
  • Understand and develop the use of important course learning theories as a troubleshooting guide. As an adult learner you will be introduced to useful mnemonics that will assist in operational and environmental troubleshooting
  • Develop training techniques understanding how to train the passive indication and proof the dog’s abilities
  • Develop the natural search abilities of your dog, increasing the canine/human bond
  • Understand the importance of Safety, Efficiency and Control within the operational arena
  • Participate in developing canine search, covering area, route, building and vehicle search.
  • Learn a safe and systematic search technique that can be transferred to the operational environment.
  • Understand how to develop your dog and maintain the standard for search in preparation for advanced work
  • Understand the importance of keeping detailed training logs and self-reflective practice
  • Engage in daily ‘social-learning’ and feedback sessions, where the student will be encouraged in discussing ‘What went well and why” supported with ‘Even better if”


The final day of the course will be an OCN Accredited assessment where the student will be assessed in the following criteria
  • Conduct a safe systematic search in the following deployments, which will take the form of an operational demonstration, the student and dog will search:-
  • Detect and discuss the ‘Tacit Dimension’ of search during your ‘deployment’
  • Identify potential hazards during the search, that are present in the operational environment.
  • Demonstrate full safety control and efficiency throughout the search.
  • Demonstrate the correct handling and positioning of target scent
  • Have the required understanding in basic canine learning theories
  • Discuss and explain the importance of record keeping for problem solving and development

Course Tutor: Rob Hewings BSc, MA. PGDip
  • 25 years Metropolitan Police Dog Section (1991-2016)
  • 9 years Instructor Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment(2007-2016)
  • Operational General Purpose Dog Handler
  • Part of the elite Firearms Support Dog Unit
  • Specialist Search Dog Instructor
  • Explosive Search Dog Instructor
  • Victim Remains Recovery Introduction Course
  • Evidence and legislation instructor
Course limited to 8 attendees only.

Attendees bring their own dog to the course.

This course is focused on the eduction and skill set of the Handler.

Once booked, attendees will be contacted to discuss and arrange the target scents that will be used on the course.

The course fee includes the course, assessment, OCN verification, registration and certtification.

 Verification Image

Reviews ...

Excellent program applied by Rob Rewings, who I thank a lot for the patience and guidance over 6 training days. When I started, I had a low level of acknowledgement about this matter but with the awesome support from Rob and everyone else involved in the training process, I gone from zero to something without any fuzz or head ache. I would reccomend this college without concern and I will definitely go back for another training sessions once I can.
Ren Melo
Fabulous ...
I can't think of any venue that would offer the opportunities that the UKCSD does. Rob has been fantastic at not only understanding the needsdog but also the learner. I ave fully enjoyed the course and would 100% book on another course.
This course was everything I expected and more, allowing all the dogs and their guardians to progress as a team and grow in confidence.
Love, love, loved the course !!! I feel like its only the beginning of my scent-work journey, and I will be back. i have thoroughly enjoyed every single day, Rob kept things fun and interesting for each and every dog and handler over the course.
I have attended a lot of great detection dog handler courses as I love them! but, this has to be THE best scent dog handler courses I have done! I agree it's not the way, its one of many, but Rob seems to know so many ways of Scent Detection training, his troubleshooting and problem solving reflects his academic knowledge and experience which is amazing! Rob let slip that he is writing a book, I will be first in line....
Tracey F.
One of the best courses I've ever done! Just the right combination of theory and practical with a lot of time for individual attention and coaching as well as working as a team. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to start scent work with their dogs or those who want to improve. Rob is so knowledgeable and will spend time to answer your questions and tailor the training and learning to you and your dog. Plus you get to search buses, lorries and plane!!
Having the use of the planes seems invaluable. Such an amazing environment to progress the searches which would be incredibly difficult to even try and replicate. The dogs without exception loved it, with great challenges for handlers. Brilliant !!
Jade Berman.
A great course! Well taught and thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. The number of attendees ensured everyone got to know each other well, and we worked as a team. This also meant that we all got appropriate time from the instructor to properly develop ourselves and our dogs. One of the best!
Adrienne C.
The scent handlers course was fantastic!!!!! Thank you so much Rob for sharing your knowledge in such a fun
Louise Pawley
Have just completed the scent dog handler course. What an experience! Rob's comprehensive knowledge and unwaivering dedication to helping his students acheive their "pictures" is awesome. My love of learning scent work was ignited by the PTSD therapy dogs one dayer earlier this year, and totally cemented by this course. I am already booked on to the instructor course in April and cannot wait. Thanks!
Naomi Fullerton

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