Therapy Dogs - PTSD - 1 day course

Friday 2nd August 2019 Brinsbury Campus, Chichester College, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1DL Beautiful venues with ample parking Lunch & refreshments provided for all attendees Course [Read more ...]


Friday 2nd August 2019
Brinsbury Campus, Chichester College, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1DL

Beautiful venues with ample parking
Lunch & refreshments provided for all attendees

Course Presenter: Rob Hewings
  • Experienced Trainer and Supporter of Assistance Dogs for PTSD Sufferers
  • Experienced Dog Handler Instructor with Metropolitan Police Service
  • BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training
  • MA in Professional Practice Police Dog Training
  • Engaged in Doctorate of Professional Practice Service Dog Training Exploring Ambient Scent & Emotional Learning and the use of Assistance Dogs to help with PTSD Sufferers
  • Designer of Training Programme for Dogs to Support Sufferers of Night Terrors
  • Education Consultant for The International Working Dog Association
  • Board Member of Southern Diabetic Retrievers, Louisiana, USA
  • Diabetic Alert Dog Trainer

Who is this course for?
  • This course is for anybody interested in the training of dogs to support sufferers of PTSD specifically, and for those with a general interest in the role of assisatance Dogs; their training and desired skill-set.

Course Content:-
  • What is required of a PTSD Assistance Dog?
  • Case Studies
  • How to Train For Pheremone Discrimination
  • Training The Dog to Support Through Night Terrors
  • Realistic Training Versus 'Pretend' Training
  • Training Techniques, Skills and Methodologies
  • Live Training Demonstrations 
  • Training The Dog To Support Through Daily Anxiety Attacks
  • Using Scent Alerts For Early 'Warnings'

All attendees will receive certification upon completion of the course

Places are very limited for this course.

Please book ASAP
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Reviews ...

I just did this course with Rob and thought it was fantastic! Really informative and Rob is a great presenter, he was very helpful with how to get into this field and it really shows how dogs are just amazing and how much they can really help people. Highly recommend
What an amazing PTSD course today. Emotional, informative and thought provoking. I was hooked from the off. Thank you Rob for sharing your stacks of knowledge and experience. Courses not to be missed.
Sam Moult
Thoroughly enjoyed today's course, and it's made me what to get into scent detection now. As well as that it was amazing to learn what research is being done and how far it's come for PTSD sufferers and hope that one day I'll be able to help someone. Thank you
Jeanette Muldoon
Tears, laughter and lively discussion at the excellent PTSD Therapy Dogs seminar today. Totally engaging from start to finish, heaps to take home and I absolutely can't wait for more.
Tracie Ryan
An excellent course on the research going into PTSD dogs, and the applications of scentwork within that training! Rob's experience added many amazing, sometimes heartfelt and sometimes downright hilarious anecdotes, and I've come away with a deep newfound interest in scentwork. Fantastic stuff, and will definitely be looking into more scentwork courses in the future!
Jack Fenton
Brilliant presentation on therapy dogs - ptsd!! I can't wait for the next one. If you get a chance I would highly recommend attending one of Robs seminars. Fantastic delivery and contents from a hugely knowledgeable lovely chap.
Georgie Argyris
Learnt so much on the PTSD Therapy Dog course that I left feeling inspired and eager to learn all about Scentwork with dogs! Thank you!
Layne Arlina
Thank you so much for organising UKSD PTSD Therapy Dogs seminar with Rob Hewings in Dublin. It's hard to focus after a whole working week, but Rob kept me engaged the entire day. His personal stories and experiences added a really nice touch to the training and his passion was contagious.. A fantastic day from start to finish.
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