Make scent husbandry your number 1 priority!

Tough, light weight and practical, the SCENT UP & GO CASE and POT BOX are designed to house all your ‘live’ training aids ideal for any scent-work classes.

 Designed with years of operational experience, this training kit is devised to carry all your scented equipment safely, keeping contamination to an absolute minimum. Once you have prepared your hides for classes use this case and box to transport to your training area. Count them out count them in, never leave a hide behind. Never! Place scented hides into your Instructors kit, pockets, or wander around your training area leaving unnecessary trails and plumes of scent. A mixture of construction materials used in our hides and containers are ideal for distraction training.

Remember… ‘Every contact leaves a trace’! 

Scent Up & Go Case

This case includes the following…

Metal case

Large compartment box

4 x Magnetic slider tins

4 x Magnetic round tins with holes

4 x Magnetic plastic round pots with holes

Small compartment box

10 Eppendorf’s with holes

2 x scent clip lock containers

4 x metal hides

2 x plastic hides

2 x Eppendorf cubes

2 x Eppendorf balls



This box includes…

Clear box

2 x glass Kilner jars with handles and holed lids (for choice game)

2 plastic scent pots with multiple holes in lid

2 plastic scent pots with single hole (reduced scent release)

All scent kits are © UKCSD

Scent Up & Go Case with Pot Box

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