The UKCSD is committed to a fresh methodology with the canine training community, it will champion Evidence-based practice (EBP) which is the amalgamation of successful working experience coupled with systematic research and practical skill within the canine training process.
The UKCSD trainers bring collected experience and academic knowledge assisting owners and students achieve personal aims and objectives, be it the demand of a training unit or an individual. Using evidence-based practice the UKCSD will provide the most optimal and ethically proven outcomes for successful canine training, combining education, experience and expertise. These aspects will combine relevant research and instructional skills to improve different dog training requirements, be they pet-dog, operational or the assistance dog.
New dog handlers, owners and trainers typically prompt EBP by asking questions regarding some established methodologies that have been used without question or proof, methods that have been based upon out-dated theories, and failed anthropomorphism, we as an organisation will use proven methods and research to provide our customers with strong, evidenced canine training in all aspects of scent-detection and canine nose-work.

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