The United Kingdom College of Scent Dogs (UKCSD) canine training institution is committed to the successful instruction and accreditation of dogs and handlers in many aspects of canine scent-work. Where graduate students will be qualified to engage in instructional duties, handling duties and also be qualified to use scent-work in canine behavioural and temperament adjustment therapy.
All dogs trained by the UKCSD will be treated humanely and ethically.  Instruction will be provided by appropriately trained personnel, only positive and force free methodologies will be used. Any equipment used will be subject to strict safety checks, any canine training aids that do not meet these exacting standards are banned from use at the college (Electric collars, pinch collars and check chains are prohibited). The welfare of the animals in our care will be of paramount importance at all times.
Students attending any UKCSD courses will be treated with dignity and respect. Course reports will be completed in an open, honest and transparent manner and students will be afforded the opportunity to comment on their content. Feedback will be aimed around empowering the student with the ability to improve and self-reflect upon each day, regarding the instruction and education they have received, and delivered.

The vision is to build a highly competitive and effective scent detection dog training establishment that will become the number one choice for both individuals and corporate organisations in the UK and internationally.

Our mission is to provide affordable and highly effective canine scent detection training services to a wide range of clients that unites different scent detection disciplines. Our overall training goal is, every dog and handler will be trained to an excellent standard and that standard shall be maintained for the rest of their career

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